Advice and Observations on Living in the Milwaukee Area

65% of the graduate students who responded to our 2011 housing survey have lived in the Milwaukee area. Here are some observations from these students:

  • I live in Riverwest. It is as affordable as housing closer to campus, and has much more of a neighborhood feel. The commute is only about 3 miles/10 minutes.
  • I’ve lived on the east side for two years now and have absolutely loved it–the lake is nearby and quite beautiful, especially in the spring and summer, and the plethora of stores, shops, and restaurants makes things extremely convenient. I know the stereotype is that the east side is so much more expensive than any other part of Milwaukee, but I’ve found that if your housing search is thorough enough, you can find affordable options on the east side as well as on the west and south.
  • We lived near the corner of Wisconsin and 21st street. We did not like it.
  • I live in Whitefish Bay. The neighborhood is safe and quiet, it is close to the lake, and the commute to Marquette takes about 10 minutes. The main drawback to living here would be the real estate cost…it is more expensive than other neighborhoods.
  • west side near Wauwatosa (Tosa) – safe affordable blue collar neighborhood
  • Tosa and Milwaukee further northwest; Tosa was great, Northwest Milwaukee is ok but a bit far from campus.
  • Brookfield/elm grove; convenient location between Marquette and spouse’s employment.
  • Milwaukee is a great all-around town, not too big, not too small.
  • I live just east of Wauwatosa in Milwaukee. Because I have a family, I enjoy being in a neighborhood with “real” neighbors, etc.
  • I love Riverwest. Dynamic, safe, many things going on.
  • I found a great deal in a duplex and the location is quite nice.
  • It is convenient having many things so close, especially in Shorewood, on the East Side, or downtown, where groceries, coffee, etc. are all within walking distance. Traffic can be a bit of a pain on the commute to campus, although Milwaukee does have a decent bus system.
  • Living downtown, on the east side, or in Bayview puts you near bus lines and in great neighborhoods for young adults. Much better restaurants/bars than on campus. Also closer to grocery stores, easier street parking, and closer to recreation near the lake.
  • I live at 1435 W. Brown St (Milwaukee metro management). This is a huge apartment with great character for a steal of a price because the neighborhood is not that great. A 5 minute drive into campus is easy to manage. I save a lot of money by choosing to live in an African-American neighborhood and I think it is definitely worth it. I love it here.
  • We have lived in Bayview for the past 6 years. Best neighborhood in Milwaukee, with no drawbacks, except that you cannot walk to campus
  • I live in Riverwest and absolutely love it. There are bars, grocery stores, cafes, parks and shops all within walking distance. The neighborhood has a very vibrant community with multiple co-ops and resource centers. Campus is only a 10 minute drive.
  • Formerly lived in West Allis; now live in Wauwatosa. Wauwatosa is a beautiful, safe suburb with good housing, attractive social life, and convenient proximity to downtown Milwaukee
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