Advice and Observations on Living Near Marquette

47% of the graduate students who responded to our 2011 housing survey have lived on or near campus. Here are some observations and advice from these students:

  • There’s really not much to do socially around campus, and the spatial atmosphere can be psychologically taxing due to the economic depression the neighborhood faces. I would encourage you took look at housing in other neighborhoods.
  • Live by 22nd & State. It’s close and affordable. People are not rich and stuck up.
  • 611 N. 20th St. I was far enough away from the main campus that the neighborhood was fairly quiet but the walk was very manageable. The rates at my building were also very reasonable. I think the only drawbacks are that near campus there are no grocery stores and I don’t have a car. So taking the bus was a must. I wish as grad students we could have gotten discounted bus passes.
  • I lived on the west side during my master’s degree, near 31st and Kilbourn. I liked it because it was quiet and cheap; I didn’t like it because it wasn’t safe to walk around alone in the evening. It’s great to live on or near campus because of the easy access to the library and other places (especially if one doesn’t have a car), but since campus itself as well as the neighborhood west of campus aren’t necessarily the safest parts of Milwaukee, those locations have their drawbacks, too.
  • Benefits: close to classes, gym, and library. Can go home for meals. Drawbacks: undergrads are loud in the area.
  • Benefits are walking distance to school, less driving involved. Drawbacks include greater crime, bad parking, not pet friendly (little to no grass, broken glass everywhere), smaller apartments and usually dirtier, etc.
  • 2311 W. Wisconsin Ave (“The Weston”, I really love my apartment. It is two bedrooms, and only about $600 dollars a month (heat not included). It is also great being able to walk to campus, and not having to worry about parking on campus. It is about a seven block walk, but I have never had any problems. I do not have any complaints about where I live.
  • Close to MU facilities a plus; close to campus/downtown crime, a negative.
  • benefit: easy to get to Marquette/ drawback: living in a neighborhood without community, decent food, shops, etc.
  • I lived on 23rd and State. It is considered a rough part of town, but in reality one just needs to be careful. The rent was really cheap.
  • I enjoyed being close enough to walk to campus on nice days, and it made commuting much easier. However, I found that the quality of housing for the price is better farther away from campus, and ultimately this swayed my decision to move.
  • On campus–the Reeves (14th and Kilbourn). Off campus–Yankee Hill (State and Van Buren (downtown)). On campus living is nice because of walking distance to classes and the library, but feels very much like an undergraduate culture. Street parking is not convenient, and off-street parking is expensive.
  • I lived at 2324 W. Wisconsin Ave (managed by Wiegand/Campus Community Apartments). It is very nice to be able to walk to campus every day (you don’t have to worry about trying to find parking). However, the neighborhood is not that great. Lots of homeless people walking around (and asking for money) and some strange characters lived in my building as well. However, I didn’t feel unsafe.
  • Richter Realty Investment properties are really good managers — 826 N 14th St
  • I lived in Mashuda Hall as a Hall Minister; at Campus Town East; and now I live in St. Francis. Benefits – walking distance, feeling of campus, easier to attend events; Drawbacks – parking
  • I live in the Catholic Knights/Catholic Financial Building, right off 11th and Wells. The drawback is definitely the price, but I really like it because I’m right next to campus and it’s a very safe building. Since I’m close to campus, I can stop by the library or the office most anytime and I save a lot of money on gas since I don’t need to travel as much.
  • Within a few blocks – like it. Drawbacks: grocery shopping not really convenient.
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