Advice and Observations on Living Outside of Milwaukee (More than 10 miles)

22% of the graduate students who responded to our 2011 housing survey have lived outside of the Milwaukee area (more than 10 miles). Here are some observations from these students:

  • Grafton. It was close to work, otherwise, I would have chosen to live closer to school.
  • Racine/Union Grove….rent cheaper, small town feel, job, commute is pretty easy
  • I live in a Chicago suburb. The Amtrak train route between Chicago and Milwaukee has made the commute feasible, and, because there is a quiet car on the train, my travelling commitments did not adversely affect the amount of time I could devote to my studies. Staying in Chicago allowed my wife to remain at a job that she enjoyed.
  • I live in Franklin, which is a suburb at the edge of the southern urban sprawl. I like it because it’s not too far from the city/campus, but far enough that it doesn’t feel too much like suburbia. For me, it strikes a good balance. We could also get a newer home (built in 2000) for a pretty reasonable price, that far from the city.
  • I live in St. Francis. Feel more like an adult living in a community; get distance to focus on my project and enjoy another section of Milwaukee area.
  • Chicago – no. Inconvenient.
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