Apartment Complexes and Areas of Milwaukee to Avoid

Our 2011 housing survey asked the question, “What are some areas of Milwaukee or apartment complexes that you recommend avoiding (for whatever reason).” Here are some responses to this question.

  • I would avoid Wiegand Enterprises (aka Campus Community Apartments). Although very affordable, my apartment was pretty scuzzy when I moved in. They were also intentionally slow and dishonest in returning my security deposit to me. They just strike me as an operation that takes advantage of students looking for convenience rather than quality.
  • Those owned by Lee Holloway, he’s a slumlord.
  • I have had ok luck with Wiegand Enterprises which owns a lot of buildings in the campus and Avenues West neighborhoods. They are fairly attentive but you have to keep on them if you need maintenance done. I’ve not heard too many horror stories. The prices are reasonable and the places are regular apartments.
  • I’m a bit suspicious of anything owned by Wiegand Enterprises, since they have such a monopoly on Milwaukee rentals; however, I know students have had mixed experiences with that owner, so they’re not all bad. I would recommend avoiding the near west side (anything west of 19th) IF safety and parking (and not having your car broken into) are paramount concerns for you. There are safer and nicer neighborhoods that are practically just as close to campus. Also, because public transportation throughout the city is so easy to use and navigate, it’s not true that the lack of a car means that you absolutely have to live right on campus or really close to campus.
  • Don’t live in south Milwaukee or anywhere outside the bus system. Accessibility makes a difference; if you don’t live near campus, you should have a way to get there quickly and without too much trouble.
  • Anything west of 17th street–the crime seems to increase there, and anything north of Wells Street.
  • be careful with Wiegand enterprises (poor service)
  • I’d probably avoid neighborhoods just to the north of campus and west, until you get to Wauwatosa. That isn’t the best area of town, but Wauwatosa is nice.
  • I’ve heard Juneau Village Towers has bed bugs; also students that live west of campus (20th to 35th) tend to wish they either lived closer to campus or in a neighborhood further east (near the lake) or west (in wauwatosa).
  • Directly north of downtown is not very safe.
  • Schulhof managed apartments because management is cut-throat and not very willing to help tenants
  • I would recommend Campus Town East (MU owned apartments for security and university assistance) Downside – apartments are not very soundproof.
  • Anything West of 19th street gets pretty sketchy due to crime.
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