Confused about the endless acronyms thrown around in the Marquette Theology Department? Here is a short guide for your reference.


The Association of Graduate Students in Theology.  Every graduate student in the department of theology, whether MA, MACD, or PhD, is a member of AnGST.  The AnGST Board is charged with formally arranging the activities of AnGST.


The computer system in which you will register for classes, note your grades, access financial aid information, and can look up the student directory.  Available from the university homepage, or the library home page, or at the Checkmarq page itself.


Desire 2 Learn. Marquette University’s classroom management software. You can see your classes, a list of names and email addresses of your fellow students, and a very important feature known as the ‘locker’ in which you can store a large amount of data, such as Word documents, .pdfs, images, and other files. (It is triply backed up in three different physical locations, in case you’re concerned about losing those files.)  It is available from the university main page, the library home page, or directly.


The Doctoral Dissertation Outline.  This is the planning form for one’s dissertation.  It is the form with which the student and director notify the department of their intention to proceed.


The Director of Graduate Students.  Currently Dr. M. Therese Lysaught, this is the faculty member in charge of the students in the theology graduate program.


The Doctoral Program Planning Form.  This form, available here, is to be filled out as a contract between the doctoral student and the graduate school.  Included on it are the classes that one wishes to be counted as part of the 60 hours required of every Ph.D. student in Marquette’s program.


The Doctoral Qualifying Examination.  This examination takes place after the completion of Ph.D. coursework.  Forms relating to the DQE can be found here. The student, in consultation with their advisor, selects from among the topic ares and requests a faculty member with whom to take each portion of the test (3 in the area of concentration, 1 each in the minor areas).  The exam consists of both written and oral portions.


The Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism seminar.  Headed by Dr. Andrei Orlov and Fr. Alexander Golitzin, this seminar offers periodic paper presentations on topics ranging throughout the late Second Temple Jewish and early Christian periods of history. The website is here.

MA Exam

The M.A. Proficiency Examination.  This is the comprehensive examination required of every MA student at the end of their tenure at Marquette.  Both the reading list and the test questions for this exam can be obtained here. The test is broken down as follows:

Section I: Scripture

Part 1 – Old Testament

Part 2 – New Testament

Section II: History

Part 1 – Origen to Late Medieval

Part 2 – Late Medieval to Early Modern

Section III: Systematics/Ethics

Part 1 – Systematic Theology

Part 2 – Theological Ethics


The Marquette Library Catalog.  There are in fact two search engines for the catalogue. The first, Encore, is accessible in the main search box on the library home page. The second engine, still called “Marqcat,” is accessed through the library home page (in the “Search by” option beneath the search box) or through the Marqcat page proper.


Preparing Future Faculty. This organization is a way to prepare for one’s career as a faculty member. A series of seminars and workshops cover various important aspects of being a faculty member, and a note on one’s transcript can confirm one’s participation in the organization’s series of workshops. The website is here.


Theology and Society. This Ph.D.-level option allows concentration in a combination of theology and another discipline, such as philosophy, political science, or even biology.


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