Non-MU Language Options

Options for Language Study beyond Marquette University

The following information has been compiled from professors and grad students in the Department of Theology at Marquette.  If you know of any additional programs or opportunities to gain language proficiency, beyond the FOLL courses offered at Marquette, please let Dr. Lysaught know.

1. Middlebury College

    Dr. Morales recommends Middlebury’s summer language programs.  In the past, he notes, they have offered generous financial aid.

    2. French in Chicago

      Kellen Plaxco and Thomas Bridges recommend Celia Brickman’s Hyde Park Summer Language Program for FrenchKellen notes: “Lots of us very happily supplied her with testimonials.”

      For speaking, Chicago’s Alliance Francaise located at Chicago and Dearborn offers a good immersion program in the summers, as well as courses year round.  This is actually what Celia recommends even for some students at U of C for conversational French!

      3. Latin

        Robert Schram is studying Latin with Reginald Foster, the former Latinist for the Pope and professor at the Gregorian University.  Foster has retired and is living in the Milwaukee area (where he is from originally). He is teaching Latin in West Milwaukee. Although it will not count for any college credits, he is not charging anything for the experience.

        Interested parties should write to him at

        St. Florian Parish, c/o Reginald Foster, 1233 S. 45th St., West Milwaukee, WI 53214

        4.     German

        Lisa Moore and Rebecca Meier-Rao recommend the UW-Madison’s online “German For Reading Knowledge” course and exam.

        The “German for Reading Knowledge” exam can be taken online.  Lisa did a lot of legwork to make sure that the results of the UW reading exam would be accepted by MU’s Theology department.  The exam equivalency grade was cleared with Dr. Pustejovsky (head of MU’s Foreign Languages department).

        Dr. Alan Ng is the contact person; find more information here.

        One more bonus about the UW-Madison German exam—it is offered year round, including during the summer.

        Rebecca Meieir-Rao took the “German for Reading Knowledge I” course at the UW in Madison.  She states that “it prepared me perfectly for the reading exam.”

        The website for the description of German courses at UW Madison is here.

        The site for the description of the online courses is here


        2 Responses to Non-MU Language Options

        1. LM says:

          Quick correction about the UW-Madison German exam; the German course is offered via e-mail correspondence, but the exam is proctored at an approved site. If you just take the exam (which I did after serious prepping with a tutor), you have to go to UW-Madison to take the exam. It was more than worth it, however, considering the flexibility they offer in offering the exam year-round. Both the correspondence course and the exam are much less expensive than what is offered at MU.

        2. Kellen Plaxco says:

          Just noticed this: regarding French, the Alliance Francaise de Milwaukee is a very good option for those who can afford it. They have tutoring options as well as tiered courses with committed students of varying abilities.

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